Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lemonheads, "My Drug Buddy"

Fuck this guy and his hair... but the song is good.

Another video in the college series.


artha said...

Hey, what do you have against his hair? :)

Hope all is well in your household. How is the little one doing? Any plans to try daycare again?

I've been busy trying to adopt a dog - checking daily, filling out applications, doing research on dogcare, etc. The distraction seems to help with my trading - I put on a few trades then I'm done, no overtrading.

Noisy said...

Good call DT. This whole album still delivers to this day.

MIsstrade said...

Evan Dando, still one of the all time rockstars. Great songwriter and singer.

MIsstrade said...

If you like the harmonizing by Juliana Hatfield, try some of her stuff out. My Sister a great angry love familia love song.

MIsstrade said...

Acutally, don't know what I was thinking, My Sister is my favorite Juliana Hatfield song, but this one is Dino's favorite. FOR THE BIRDS, Of course. Thanks Juliana!! You still rock me after all these years.

Dinosaur Trader said...


It's not so much his actual hair, rather the way he loves it.

As for adopting a dog, I honestly hate dogs, mainly because they bark. In truth, it's not dogs I hate, but most dog owners, for not shooting their dogs with hoses, or throwing hot water on them, when they do bark.

Robots and dogs... Dinosaur Trader's enemies.

Regarding my family, all is well. Grandparents have been picking up babysitting slack as I refocus my efforts on this job.

Good to hear from you,


Dinosaur Trader said...


Glad you like the selection.

I have 2 more songs from "the college" series. I think next week I'll focus on the 60s or something...