Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Art Cashin's Comments On CNBC. January 30, 2008.

This morning, Joe Kernan and a guest questioned Art on a few topics. Below you'll find the questions and his responses paraphrased.

On the FED action today:

The rate of destruction in the GDP was stunning and it bakes a half point into the cake.

On the bond market:

They're overdoing it and they may be setting up for a turn, they're overbought.

Do we test the lows?

I think we have to retest the lows. It takes a few weeks for that to happen, not a day or two. It's a pass/fail type of test.

Are we in a cyclical bear?

Well, Goldilocks is getting a manicure and a complete makeover, but I'm afraid she'll be left standing on the porch when the limo pulls away.

Has the elimination of the plus tick rule increased volatility?

Yes. In the past, shorts were able to weigh on a stock in the same manner that piling rocks on a guys chest will eventually cause him to stop breathing. Now, they sell 'em right down and then they spike right back up, so the elimination of that rule does add to increased volatility.


Stewie said...

hi Dino. I love those Art Cashin updates. I love that guy. Been my hero since 1999. keep em comin!

Dinosaur Trader said...


I love him too... does he have a schedule? I post them when I catch them, but since I try to ignore CNBC I don't always...


Stewie said...

he is on everyday it seems at the start of the 9AM show. between 9-20AM. his words are short, sweet and full of trading wisdom. he needs his own show on CNBC and fire cramer.

Dinosaur Trader said...

I totally agree. However, he seems to spurn the spotlight a bit. I mean, just do a search on Google for the guy... no pictures, not many websites.


Stewie said...

that's why when he shows up on CNBC. I am all ears. He is not a media whore like many others on CNBC, i.e Cramer, Kneale, Farrell. this guy is the real deal and says it the way it is, bull or bear. Art Cashin rules!