Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dennis Kneale Is Cool. Danny Might Be An Idiot Though.

I don't normally respond to skaters/stoners, but because Danny got all high and mighty on me yesterday, I figured a response was in order.

Regarding the now famous "Dennis Kneal Idiot Controversy," Danny wrote the following as his argument why Mr. Kneale didn't read my blog, but rather his blog.

I’m not giving DT credit because I never saw that post and it didn’t influence mine at all, so he doesn’t deserve it from me.

DT’s post was about how Buchanan tore kneale a new one…compared to me, who sacked up, and tore kneale a new one myself.

Although the same picture and topic of discussion is a coincidence. FWIW, image search dennis kneale and you’ll find neither of us scoured hard for that asinine picture of him.

I think he was calling out my post because our traffic trounces his…I am willing to entertain that someone on the street reads the fly who linked me. No offense to DT, but I doubt his note caught the attention of wall st. pundits.

Clearly, Danny feels he's the rockstar over at IBC... "our traffic," HAHAHA!

However, the numbers tell a different, more sobering, story. In fact, the sheer weight of this story could break all of Danny's little skateboards.

Check out the traffic at "the Fly's" old blog.

Very, very impressive.

Okay, now check out the new traffic numbers.

Still very impressive. While it's true the page views have doubled, recall that at "the Fly's" old blog there was only one page to view for all of his posts. Now, you have to open a new page to read each of his posts.

What's telling is the total number of visitors. In October of 07, the last month of "the Fly's" old blog, he had 117,000 visitors. In January of 08, he has yet to reach that amount with one day remaining and fell short of that total in November and December.

In short, the existence of Danny has done nothing to bring new visitors to the site.

So let's talk about page views. Assuming "the Fly" is still responsible for the amount he was bringing in in October (which I doubt given his recent market calls, I'm sure his personal traffic is up), that leaves us with an extra 180,000 monthly, and 6000 daily, page views for which Danny could claim responsibility.

But there's one problem...

Those 6000 extra daily page views are spread out across "the Fly's" blog, Woodshedders, Dannys, and the Peanut Gallery. Since Ducati and "the Rage" are so new to IBC, I won't include them here. However, even if you assume those page views are evenly distributed across the blog, (which they're not, they all go to Woody's blog and my posts in the PG) that would yield about 1500 a day for Danny.

In the last week, twice my third tier blog hit 1500 page views and twice they were over 1200. So Danny's blog is hardly trouncing mine. Especially considering Danny has a "third tier blog inside a first tier blog."

My point? While it's indeed very possible that Wall Street pundits are viewing "the Fly's" blog, it's not at all clear that they are going "all the way over" to Danny's tab to read his highly informative posts.

Danny's "traffic trouncing" argument holds no water. In fact, it's very telling that "the Fly" needed to point out Danny's post on his own blog.

DT wins again.

UPDATE: This whole argument could be moot. Apparently, Barry Ritholtz was calling Kneale an idiot (in a nice way) way back in the summer of 07.


StockHunter said...

phew, too long for me to read... Why don't u just make anew post "Danny's and idiot" with a cooul Rajin's style foto? Much better and effective imo.
Just my 2 cents ;)

Broker A said...

But you still loose [sic], since you're cowardice makes you keep your sitemeter "private."

Fly wins, again.

Broker A said...

[sic] after you're please.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I just gave you some stats... my blog is still third tier, but growing.

In a couple of months, when I throw up some advertising, I'll make my "third-tier" stats public.


Broker A said...

Questionable and erroneous answer.

Dinosaur Trader said...

I disagree.

Listen, you've unleashed Danny and Ragin on me, when are you going to hit me with some Ducati?

Woody won't attack me... he's a VO graduate.


tapeworm said...

when maria opens her segment talking about the blogger who called her a bitch, we'll know its u

Dinosaur Trader said...

Did I call her that? Sounds a bit harsh... I probably called her an idiot a few times though.


Danny said...

see DT, while all this is amusing, the problem is that I have seen the breakdown of my page views vs the total, and it's not pathetic.

plus, why would someone NOT read The Fly. Any new reader will read him. Me, maybe I just keep them at the site longer, entertain.

Of course, my trading could be valuable to some, but really, I never suspected people read my blog to find out if I shorted 100 shares of something.

Final aside, I rule.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yes, that was my assumption, people go to IBC to read "the Fly."

I never thought of people using your blog as kind of a contrary indicator though...