Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dennis Kneale's "Gazelle Market"

Today, Mr. Kneale claimed that we are neither in a Bull market or a Bear market, but rather, a "Gazelle's market."


He says everyone is scaring everyone else... like gazelles.

According to Mr. Kneale, 62% of Americans think we're heading into a recession. Why do so many think we're heading into a recession? Because the media keeps telling them so.

Really? It's that simple? Was the media responsible for all past recessions as well? Or does the economic cycle have anything to do with it at all?

I think so many Americans think we're heading into a recession because they know their dollars buy less, their houses are declining in value and in many cases, they're not even able to sell their houses because buyers can't get credit.

Meanwhile, gasoline, energy and food costs are skyrocketing.

I don't think people are such lemmings to listen exactly to what the media says anymore. In any case, I hope they're not.

Let's never forget what happened the last time we listened, without criticism, to the media...


Anonymous said...

I don't leave the house until I watch the news and see if everything is safe.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Nothing is safe... you're lucky you still have your house.