Monday, October 1, 2007

Yoga For The Back

Hattip to "artha" for finding this short article written by professional surfer Gerry Lopez about what yoga poses are good for the back. I'll simply say that one of the things that makes this blog worthwhile is the feedback I get from my readers. Thanks a lot, everyone!

If you've been reading this blog, you might remember that in March and April I was suffering from back spasms largely because I was locked in front of my screens every day trading and rarely getting up. This was before I began surfing again and I was basically not getting any exercise.

I've often wondered if my surfing has helped my trading. It's at least coincidental that when I began surfing again, (late June I think) my P&L turned around. It has definitely helped me mentally.

So listen, perhaps you are like how I was in March and April... maybe you can't start surfing because you don't live near a beach. Whatever, the thing is, as a trader you probably suffer from some back pain because you sit and hunch over your damn keyboard all day, staring at the screens. You have to do some exercise, man!

Check out these yoga poses for your back and give them a try. It's so easy and it will make you feel much better.


Bluedog said...

I agree completely. Exercise is KEY!!!!! Healthy body, healthy mind. Healthy mind, $$$!


Glenn said...

Very timely, thanks!

OBAT said...

Surfing Yoga Dinosaur Trader sounds like a new title for your blog.