Monday, October 1, 2007

"Radiohead Have Made A Record"

This band never ceases to amaze.

I mean, imagine announcing only 10 days before you release a new album that you're going to release it? And then, imagine allowing people to name the price they'll pay for that album? It says downloading the digital only version "may be subject to a transaction fee." Dude from Pitchfork bought the new double album for $8...

Get the details here. Meanwhile, this link is somewhat flooded... be patient, it will open in time.

They're the best.

Remember, if you think everything in the world is just rosy, that just means, "you haven't been paying attention." Check out 2+2=5.


Richard Todd said...

I've got some recordings of new songs from live performances that sounded pretty good. Radiohead is one of my favorite bands.

I would prefer to just download it from iTunes or amazon's mp3 store, rather than the strange site, though.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Think about if that was your attitude when the strange thing called "the internet" happened.

I can see you now in like 1995 saying something like, "I'm gonna buy the new Radiohead album at Sam Goody, and pay $19.99 for it. That Amazon thing looks weird." I imagine in 1995 your hair was shorter.

Anyway, Radiohead is great. I'm very excited to have a new album coming so soon. We can discuss it at great length on Wallstreak when they release it and piss everyone off.