Monday, October 1, 2007

Gone Surfing

Well, the Dow is up 200 and I'm only doing okay... so, I'm hitting the beach.

Expect a late VO though it should be up by 6pm.


artha said...


Came across this short piece on surfing and yoga:

This former pro surfer gives a few favorite poses for the back you may like to try.

Speaking of yoga, I did pick up GAIA at 21.50 last week. Sold ½ at 24 on Friday and letting the rest ride. Also scalped LULU a couple of times today.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks! I'll check that stuff out.

Glad GAIA treated you right! Briefly hit a new all-time high today and that's never bad.

I've never traded LULU, but if it helps raise the profile of GAIA, that's perfectly fine with me! I don't think there's a large institutional ownership in GAIA which is good because eventually, they'll want to buy in and drive the price (hopefully) even higher.