Monday, October 8, 2007

Virtual Office, $1750. Dow, -22.28, 14,043.73.

Me, $839 on 12,000 shares traded.
Evolution, $737 on 30,200 shares traded.
Misstrade, $694 on 2800 shares traded.
Akalawoo, $245 on 9 contracts traded.
OBAT, $128 on 8600 shares traded.
Tapeworm, $45 on 2 contracts traded.
Bubs, no trades. A day at the dentist.
Momojuicing, -$938 on 12,000 shares traded.

I think today may be the lowest volume day of the year. I know it's a holiday, but I'm beginning to feel that we'll never see 2 billion shares again. Damn it's been quiet.

Anyway, not much to say today. The shippers moved a lot, the chinese stocks moved a lot, the solars moved... but really it was tough and choppy.

Not a bad day for the VO all things considered. Let's see if we get some volume back tomorrow.

Looks like we traded about 850,000,000 shares today. Yawn.

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