Monday, October 29, 2007

Virtual Office, $4945. Dow, +63.56, 13870.26.

Stewie, $3300 on 9000 shares traded.
Evolution, $427 on 32,000 shares traded.
Me, $372 on 8400 shares traded.
OBAT, -$12 on 13,200 shares traded.
Denarii, -$48 on 3200 shares traded.
Tapeworm, -$110 on 4 contracts traded.
Akalawoo, -$174 on 7 contracts traded.
Dehtrader, -$310 on 2900 shares traded.

After a string of days where we traded decent volume on the NYSE, we're back to quiet times. A lot of that has to do with the FED meeting on Wednesday, but still, we may not even see 1.2 billion shares traded today.

I've been talking here about the dwindling volume on the NYSE for months. Apparently, the NY Post finally took notice. And if the Post took notice, you can expect the new FOX Business Network to take notice as well... once they get involved, CNBC will too. This story will only grow.

Dinosaur Trader had it first... way back in March. The new price on this blog is $3 million.

Anyway, it was a quiet day for me but as "Sloth" over at Wallstreak said, there were still lots of stocks moving. The solars, the shippers, the fertilizers... check those sectors if you want to see some impressive strength.

Meanwhile, crude oil is up at $93.54. Wow.

I expect tomorrow will be slow as well. It's all about Wednesday at this point.

UPDATE: Blood on Bubs Street. See what happens when you quit the VO? And I bet he hasn't gotten laid either.


lawrence said...

Okay i thought i will be the last today haha. Quite alot of red for VO today.

Oh yeah the shipper on the rock. Check out Drys, Qmar, Dsx, Egle. I miss the ride on Qmar. Sucks dun wanna filled me.

Wanna great volume stock. Just trade GS, Google, Bidu, Drys and many more. Well all are very expensive though hehe...

UWSvamp said...

How about that writing at the NY Post? The first sentence in that article is a disaster...maybe Dubya can write a column over there when his term is up.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Well... it is the NY Post. They probably do that on purpose, because if you're smart, it probably means you're "all superior" and stuff.

The only people who make fun of writing and spelling errors are idiot liberals who want the terrorists to win.


Bubs said...

Thanks for the shoutout, I'm going to have to feed Clarence to the squirrel's if my trading doesn't turn around

UWSvamp said...

go terrorists, go