Monday, October 29, 2007

Quiet Market

I got a flat tire this weekend. The market got a flat tire today. We barely nudged over 1.2 billion shares traded on the NYSE.

It was quiet out there in most stocks. However, the leadership of this market continued to motor along as the solars, shippers and fertilizers all ran higher.

My best stock of the day was DE, which I shorted around 10:00am. Funny that I managed to make money on the short side today in this stock when it closed up over 5 points.

My other best stock was WCG which I bought 100 shares of right after the open and sold about 3 minutes later after it ran up almost 2 points.

Other than that, nada.

I took my car into the garage to patch the tire, took a walk in town with my daughter and then read her a bunch of books while Judy argued with "customer service" idiots all day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting although I kind of doubt it. After the FED surprised everyone in September I think people are being very cautious ahead of this meeting.

Here's the stats:

P&L, $372
Best, DE, $184
Worst, POT, -$80

8400 shares traded.
10 stocks traded, 8 winners, 2 losers.
59 trades.

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