Monday, October 29, 2007

Is The NYSE Hybrid Market Close To Being Shut Down?

"Yes," according to this article in the NY Post this weekend.

Rapidly losing market share doesn't seem to be a recipe for success. Perhaps the NYSE will listen more to traders next time and less to their institutional interests. I've never been able to figure out who the Hybrid system benefits.

Clearly, not traders... the people who use the system, so no big surprise that it's failing.

What say you, Ray?

Also... thanks to "Chris" for bringing this to my attention. I appreciate it very much when readers point out items like this. I'm a one-man show here and often, things slip through the cracks. My email is located in my profile page and you're always welcome to contact me with things you think I might find interesting.

(Meanwhile, my criticism of the hybrid model has been consistent from the beginning. In fact, it's why I even began this blog. You can real all of my posts dealing with the hybrid market here and here.)

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