Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Swing Updates

Sold 50 GRMN @ $108.18. Position closed.
Sold 50 POT @ $112.24. 50 shares remaining.
Bought 200 DSL @ $59.18. 78% of float sold short... housing rallies on bad numbers.
Short 100 LAZ @ $44.27. This short position is getting old, fast. Still, I added to it.
Sell 100 WNR @ $38.58. Stock is down after getting upgraded. WTF?

As you can see, I initiated a new position in DSL. I mean, the stock is mostly sold short. Even if there's bad news, shorts will cover pushing the price higher.

I also added to my LAZ short position. I'm not loving it though... we'll see.

So as of right now, my swing account reads:

50 POT
100 NMX
200 DSL
-200 LAZ

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