Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Erin Burnett Closing In On "Victory"

Just another feather in her cap I'm sure... you know, perhaps this doesn't seem like a big deal to her now, but when she's old and washed up perhaps she'll stumble across this poll and get a nice laugh from it.

For now, it seems that she will be the reigning "sex queen" of CNBC according to the readers at Dinosaur Trader.

I'd love for the poll to get up to 100 votes by the way, we have 5 hours left to get there. Regardless, it's a record for a Dinosaur Trader poll. Thanks for your participation.

And, it looks like sometime in the last week, we went over the 1000 comments made mark on the site. I think that you can really judge the health of a blog by the participation and comments it receives, so thanks for commenting. It keeps the blog alive.

UPDATE: We just hit 100 votes! Sweet!

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