Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Which CNBC Anchor Would You Sleep With?

That's right.

After the abysmal showing in my last poll, and spurred on by my newfound "porn fame" I've gone lowbrow again for this poll to try and get more of you involved.

The question is:

Which CNBC Anchor Would You Like To Sleep With?

Sharon Epperson
Erin Burnett
Melissa Francis
Melissa Lee
Jim Cramer
Maria Bartiromo
Bertha Coombs
Trish Regan
Dylan Ratigan
Mark Haines
Sue Herera
Rebecca Jarvis
Joe Kernan
Steve Liesman
Becky Quick
Mary Thompson

Now there's something there for everyone... don't be shy, voting is anonymous. If I've left someone out, please fill us all in.

NOTE: Apparently, you can only have 10 options, so I've edited the list.


artha said...

DT - you must be bored!

What about "None of the above"?

GUNNERS said...

haha... i thought everyone would be joking and voting Jim Cramer. now i just look gay

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yes, I've not traded too much today... sometimes I get bored in the middle of the day. Note the number of posts!




Narrow Edge Trader said...

Trish Regan Is HOT! My vote.


Dung Fly said...

Becky, anal of course.

tapeworm said...

dung fly: LMAO

i did sleep with one anchor,and i can't say who...here's a hint...fuzzy headed booyahs! now gunners isn't the only one looking gay

Dinosaur Trader said...

I guess this is what I get for going lowbrow.

Still, it's a fun poll and a question that I'm sure every trading desk grapples with during those "slow times."


Jeff said...

maybe it is because I trade everything - I want to pick 6 of them.

High Probability Trader said...

I'd get a sex change and then vote for Dillon.

Bluedog said...


Excellent poll. I would exercise all 10 options on Erin Burnett! :D Especially in her little giraffe outfit she wore when Cramer blew up pre-Fed rate cut!


Danny said...

excellent poll. who the fuck voted for cramer? twice?

You can tell becky is nastier, and would likely let you go to town on her ass, but that's not worth missing out on a prime time anchor like erin.

Plus, erin's such a square she would probably shout pythagorean theorems and weird shit about diplomacy during sex. She's like a hot bookworm, not a hot blonde ass-fucking slut--that shit is prevalent. I'd fuck erin in the library of congress, preferable on an antique desk. Becky, on the other hand, I would ride tighter than the curves of an M3 at LeMans -- in the bed of my friend's truck. With rhino lining, of course, I'm not an asshole.

You see where I'm going with this.

Dinosaur Trader said...


All I can say is that I hope my parents don't read the comment section of the blog...

However, since they might, I will not comment further on your insights. All I'll say is, "understood."


artha said...


Judging by the number of votes, sex sells.

sibulano said...

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA...am I the only guy who really really wants to explore her... blouse...smooze over some good red...why isn't she on the list? And that crooked smile is all bedroom.

Dinosaur Trader said...

MCC is made of plastic. I prefer my women to be organic, like my food.