Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Poll Closed, Book Finished, Bob Saget Disease

Not to start the day off on a downer, but remember when Bush "won" in 2004 by the slimmest of margins? But then he acted like he won in a landslide?

Well, that's how I'm treating this poll.

Here was the question: "Is "R" A Useful Tool For Measuring The Success Of A Trade Or Does Your Account Total Already Do That?"

The results: 37 total votes. 45% (17 votes) thought R was useful, 55% 20 (votes) thought R was useless.

This poll suffered from very low voter turnout which surprised me somewhat as I thought that "R" was something of a hot-button issue in the stock blogosphere. Anyway...

The people have spoken and they have decided that "R" is completely useless. In fact, from here on out, should you speak of "R" your phone will be bugged, your family will be kidnapped, and you'll be forced to watch Bob Saget clips on Youtube all day.

In other news, I finished Tapping The Source by Kem Nunn. While it was somewhat pornographic in parts and gratuitously violent in others, I really liked his style of writing and can confidently recommend this one. I am now reading Dark Noon by Tom Clavin.

Okay, now see what will come of you if you mention "R" again...


artha said...


Came across this article, "Bird Watching Takes Flight", this morning. Birders are described as "...well educated, well compensated...", "...very thoughtful group..."

Here is the link:


Dinosaur Trader said...


Unfortunately, at this point my education is gaining quickly on my compensation level.

Meanwhile, I couldn't get the article. The page came up, but there were no words where the article should have been...

I was just thinking this morning that since surf here is flat that I should get out my scope and go check on the shorebirds...

Thanks for the thought,


artha said...

This should work:


If not, just go to msn.com, it's the last link on the right of Jay-Z's picture.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Excellent article, thanks! A birder friend of mine, really, the best birder I know (been doing it since the 70s and has made many excellent finds) said once that if everyone everywhere would make it a point to be able to recognize and name only 20 birds local to their area that it would do wonders to raise people's environmental awareness.

Because once you know a bird, you know where it lives, the trees or bushes it depends on for it's habitat. You also get to know what they eat (many birds eat insects) and so you start looking at insects more as a food source and less as pests. Knowing a bird, truly links you into your local environment in such an easy but consciousness raising way.

Thanks again,