Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Esignal Customer Service Sucks

12:24:13 PM Lori - eSignal Hello, and thank you for using LiveRep.
12:24:13 PM Lori - eSignal What can I do for you today?

12:24:50 PM You Hi, my cursor window seems "stuck" the time doesn't move anymore when I scroll my cursor over the candlestick bars on my chart.
12:25:13 PM Lori - eSignal is there a specitic time that you see in there?
12:26:00 PM You Well, it changes from graph to graph. Right now, my graph says 13:25 but my cursor is on the 11:00 am candlestick.
12:27:14 PM Lori - eSignal I am sorry but this is too complicated to resolve here in LiveRep. Please call us at (US) 1 (510) 264-1700 option 2, (London) +44 (0)20 7825 8777 or (Sydney) +61 (2) 8668-1600 option 2
12:27:24 PM Lori - eSignal Thank you for your patience
12:27:46 PM You Wait... I've solved it before with you on Liverep... I just don't remember how.
12:31:48 PM Lori - eSignal unfortunately, that session isn't coming up. At this point, please call in for further assistance. Thanks again for your patience.
12:32:11 PM You Thanks. You guys are the best.
12:32:48 PM Lori - eSignal signing off now;you're welcome, and thanks!
12:32:48 PM Lori - eSignal bye for now

This is an actual transcript of my "conversation" with their "customer service" idiot.

Seriously, I sign onto their "LiveRep" service and I'm told that my wait time will be 45 seconds. 10 minutes later, I'm "chatting" with one of their knowledgeable representatives. The reason why I don't call is because I hate waiting on hold for 20 minutes for such a simple question.

Meanwhile, note how it takes nearly 10 minutes to have this simple conversation.


Bluedog said...

There's no such thing as customer service anymore, Dino. That went extinct with the dinosaurs. Err.. nevermind. LoL.

I really like the "Thanks. You guys are the best." at the end. Classic!!


Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, they just rolled with my sarcasm or maybe they didn't get it...