Monday, September 10, 2007

Virtual Office, $4784. Dow, +14.47, 13127.85.

Evolution, $4037 on 154,200 shares traded.
Me, $1157 on 21,800 shares traded.
Tapeworm, $336 on 14 contracts traded.
Bubs, flat on 50 shares traded.

OBAT, vacation.
Akalawoo, -$746 on 20 contracts traded.

I had to get out of here right at 4pm, so this is only a partial VO. I'll update it and my daily post when I get back from the surf. The swell is up!

UPDATE: Okay, so while I'm out surfing, Evolution turns in a monster of a day. Probably one of his best ever.

It was a good day for trading stocks today. Things were trending very nicely. However, the volume was light again as we only managed to push through 1,343,202,000 shares on the NYSE. The indexes were mixed (which I always hate) and volatile.

Things should be interesting for the next couple of weeks. We have the big brokers reporting soon and the FED day looming on the 18th. Get our your hardhats and be ready for some interesting trade.


tapeworm said...

ur living the life...pulling thousands out of the market each day, and surfing whenever u feel like it

nice job today

lawrence said...

yeah good job Dino and tapeworm, I SucK today yawn... Wait till Mr dinosaur post my trades... Zzz

tapeworm said...

gl tomorrow lawrence

Dinosaur Trader said...


You should look back at some of my posts from March, April and May!

Thanks though. When it's good, it's good.