Monday, September 10, 2007

Covered FED Swing Short, Short LAZ

Taking "the Fly's" recommendation, I short some LAZ today at $38.30. It's showing some good downside volume today.

Meanwhile, I've made a quick point in my FED short. I'm going to cover due to the large short interest (almost 60%).

In fact, next time we get a good bounce, I think FED will be a great stock to own for the short squeeze alone.


qqqqtraderboy said...

When are you going to blow up and jump out of a window like the other poor day traders. You have no chance and I can't wait to see -50k pop up. You will lose your house and family trading like an idiot.

Dinosaur Trader said...


What? You work for LAZ or something?

Take it easy,


tapeworm said...

qqqqtraderboy: why don't u just join the VO, and post your results?