Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day Of School

As I type this, my daughter is sleeping peacefully in the room adjacent to my office. In 2 1/2 hours, I fully expect her to be in the midst of a "purple faced" freakout as I try to drop her off for her first day of nursery school.

People say she's still "attached" to Judy and it's something people say quite offhand with an, "awww... isn't that cute?" type of tone to their voice. However, in our case, when we say she's "attached" we mean it quite literally.

Most of the time, she is grasping onto Judy's lower leg like she's a spider monkey or something.

Hopefully, she finds my leg less appealing.

Over the weekend we were speaking with a friend who has an older child. We asked her how it was dropping off her daughter for the first time.

"Oh, no problem!" she said with a flip of her hand. "She got there, saw all the kids playing and in about 10 seconds flat forgot I was even there with her. Just keep her away from the screaming kids though," she warned. "There's always one or two of them."

Judy and I nodded with tight smiles on our faces.

So I'll be lucky to get back by the opening bell. But hey, if I miss it and get all screwed up, there's a nice swell here finally, compliments of Gabrielle.

UPDATE: I dropped her off and she was hesitant but fine. However, after I left, apparently she cried for an hour straight. That really sucks...


artha said...


I remember those days well, when our kids first entered pre-school. It was heart wrenching leaving them there, those first few days. But everyone adjusted soon enough.

Enjoy parenthood, there is nothing like it.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks. It was rough. Doesn't sound like she had the best day. We'll try again Wednesday.