Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Look How They Shine For You

The second plane passed about 100 feet over my head on 9/11. I'll never forget the sound of it (first) and then the sight. I originally planned on writing a post about my experiences that day. However, it will have to wait. It will no doubt work it's way into a "history" post someday.

Meanwhile, I'll just post this video. After the attack, we got out of the city and were glued to the TV all day long in the panelled recesses of my in-laws basement. The next thing I knew, it was 5:30 at night. I couldn't believe an entire day had passed.

This video came on MTV. At the bottom of the screen, there was a scroll running and it said something along the lines of, "We want to express our sympathies for all of the families who lost their loved ones today in the attack on the World Trade Center..." Of course, I don't remember exactly what it said, but I'll never forget the "feeling."

And for good or for bad, when I hear this song I'm brought right back to my in-laws basement, scared, watching the TV with my wife and suddenly hopeful that everyone will band together and things are going to work out.

For now, let's forget about what killed that hopeful feeling.

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