Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Perhaps you've noticed that there's been a little less energy and effort in my daily posts recently. There's a good reason. It's all about the surf. With the sun rising later in the morning, I've been forced to go out in the afternoons, right after the close (hence the partial VO numbers.) I get back home, eat dinner, play with my daughter and put her to sleep. By the time I'm through with all that, it's 8:30 and I'm just done for the day.

So, I apologize.

Today was an awful day for me. All day long I was down because I couldn't find any winners. It was a day to trade the open and then step away. Unfortunately, Bob Pisani never tells you when it's a good day to trade. CNBC just drools over the numbers which apparently, were "patriotic" today.

I had 4 stocks in the green today, not one was a winner over $100. On the flip side, I had 12 stocks in the red, 3 with losses greater than $100. Not much was working.

As I mentioned on Wallstreak, these are the most frustrating days because you look up, see the Dow up 180 and think, "Wow, why aren't I making money?" Trading doesn't work like that...

Anyway, here's the sleepy stats:

P&L, -$669
Best, DE, $91
Worst, QID, -$206

24,800 shares traded.
16 stocks traded, 4 winners, 12 losers.
119 trades.


Bubs said...

I had the same feeling when I saw the DOW up 180 pts and my day in the red.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, it's the worst.

It's so much better when the market is down big and you lose. Because then your non-trading friends and family "understand."

When you tell them you lose when the Dow is up 180, they think you're an idiot.