Thursday, July 19, 2007

Virtual Office, $4005. Dow, +82.19, 1400.19.

Misstrade, $3240 on 16,000 shares traded.
Me, $464 on 15,200 shares traded.
HPT, $226 on 26 contracts traded.
Denarii, $152 on 1200 shares traded.
Bubs, no trades.
Evolution, -$30 on 25,500 shares traded.
OBAT, -$74 on 8200 shares traded.

A nice day for the VO as the Dow closed higher, right at the 14,000 level.

Honestly, I can't wait until we trade away from this level, one way or the other.

If you were checking on Wallstreak today, then you were probably involved in the hottest sector out there, the sexy and volatile Shipping sector. Huh? Shipping is sexy?

That's right, led by a strong earnings report from DRYS and GNK, the shipping sector skyrocketed with big advances also in EXM, SFL, OSG and TBSI. It's always great to see money moving en masse into an entire sector. Makes this job easier.

Anyway, we have options expiration tomorrow and a summer Friday. Should be fun!

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