Thursday, July 19, 2007

Steam Pipe Explosion

Having been downtown for 9/11 I can say that I'm very happy I wasn't around for this one, even if it wasn't terrorism related.

I mean, this should highlight the irresponsibility of the administration for terrorizing us with terrorism. When Michael Chertoff is going around telling the entire fucking nation on the Sunday morning talk shows that he has a "gut feeling" there will be an attack soon because "it's the summer" I'm sure people listen.

For example, here's a quote from a Yahoo news story:

"We were scared to death. It sounded like a bomb hit or a bomb went off, just like 9/11. People were hysterical, crying, running down the street," said Karyn Easton, a customer at a salon a few blocks from the site of the blast. "It was really surreal."

I watched some other videos of this where people were completely freaked out. When they think the end of the world is coming every other week, you can understand why.

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