Thursday, July 19, 2007


When "nature calls" I walk the 15 feet to my bathroom and crack open a dictionary. That's right, I keep one right next to the can. While I am doing my "business" I look for funny words. This is just another perk I get from working at home.

Anyway, I've decided to share some of the funny or interesting words I find. I think it's important for you to read these posts and understand that I was taking a crap while I found them. Sorry mom.

Today's word is "gunkhole"!

Gunkhole: n. A small, sheltered cove for anchoring small watercraft - vi. -holed, holing to make a series of short pleasure trips by boat, as from island to island.

So, enjoy calling a co-worker a "gunkhole" today. When they get pissed, explain to them the definition with a smug smile ("Ha! Dickhead! I was just calling you a small sheltered cove!"). Then you get to call them a moron. This is why I never made friends when I worked in an office.

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