Monday, June 11, 2007


As I traveled to the great north this past weekend hanging onto my CROX short from Thursday and pondering the squeezing I was enduring, I couldn't help but feel tiny amounts of hatred for every foot I saw clad in the fluorescent colored form that is a CROX shoe.

At the same time, I felt great pity for the people who were dressed in this manner. Clearly they are the fashion victims of the day.

In time, CROX shoes will go the way of parachute pants and leg warmers. The question is, are they recyclable? Or will one day our landfills resemble huge piles of M&Ms because of them?

Speaking of recyclable, I heard a very interesting report this morning on NPR about what happens to all those millions of plastic Poland Spring bottles. 33,200 are made each MINUTE! Check out the report here.


Trading Goddess said...

Mr. Dino,

Yes, I am a CROX long...

however, let me just ask you this question:

Have you worn any? Are you aware they are rec'd for people with Diabetes?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Nice to see you here!

I have not worn Crox... and the Diabetes information is new to me as well. But then, if my recollection is correct, leg warmers and parachure pants were also recommened to those who suffered from Diabetes and look where that got them!

I mean, it's bad enough to have Diabetes. Why do you have to dress funny as well?

Seriously though, I'm a short term short and may be forced to cover today. Damn strength. Congrats on your long.


wincity said...

I'm amazed by the craziness as well, the stock and the shoes. I never knew how expensive the stupid shoes are until recently. It was selling for $35 CAD. Give me a break. I never pay over $5 for a pair of slippers.