Friday, June 8, 2007

Evolution Trader Hosting VO Today

So, we're on the road and for the first time, staying at a Hampton Inn. We used to stay at B&Bs all the time, but many of them do not appreciate toddlers... some do, but it sucks to have to "shush" your kid the whole time if they don't.

Anyway, the one we're in is actually pretty nice! I'm pleasantly surprised. And hey, free wireless! They even were nice enough to give us the AAA discount. I think we'll skip the breakfast though....

So here's a nice long video of an intricate prank from a Japanese television show. For the first minute or so, they explain the prank, and, unless you speak Japanese, you can skip over it. Make sure you watch until they "upgrade" the "mission"... damn they're nuts!

Don't forget to check Evolution Trader's site (still can't figure how to create links with a Mac...) for the VO at 4. Good luck everyone! Personally, I hope CROX drops 5 points. I stayed short some overnight... chances are it's been upgraded...

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