Thursday, April 9, 2009

The RO Report, "Two Markets" Edition

First of all, I want to address the lack of blogging around here lately. I've been struggling, but beyond that, just really in the dumps about it. This year has been a disaster for me... made money the first few weeks of January, lost it all with one bad week... then, made it all back and then some through February and March and now lost it all again with one bad week.

This is not the way you make money trading and I'm frankly a little mystified. That said, it's been very hard to find the energy to creatively blog. The good news for you, is that Trader A will be doing a guest post soon. As for me, I'm gonna continue to take it easy until I come back around.

Anyway, I called the report "Two Markets" edition because it truly seems there are two markets right now... the one Trader A is trading, and the one everyone else is trading. Kudos to him.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader A, $88k

2. Trader F, $28k
3. Trader N, $25k
4. Trader H*, $19k
5. Trader 9*, $10k

"Chambermaid" - Trader B, -$20k

2. Trader 10*, -$5k
3. Trader J, -$1500
4. Trader S, -$1400
5. Trader 6*, -$600


Anonymous said...

The one thing i can add is that fortunately in this game you can start bad, then out of nowhere just make a total killing in only a few months. Head up Styro, you will end up net positive by years end.

Anonymous said...

how aboutz sharing stocks you're trading and general methods- im sure it will get others to comment/add opinions on what's working and what aintz.

trbl said...

What is Trader A doing that is so different compared to yourself and the other traders?

TL said...

The solution always comes from within. You have plenty of time to figure that out. Just cut size in the meantime. Hang in there.

Stewie said...

dt. i've known you and been following you for a long while now and i've seen you in similar situations to this and seen you come out of it. It has been a very frustrating year for many traders. Just look around other blogs and see what kind of damage other traders are getting themselves into. just thank god you are not in their shoes. taking a break to recharge the mental batteries always helps me. I personally would like to see what the RO traders methods look like. so maybe have some of these guys do a post on their trading methods would be fun to read i think.

good luck dt.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes as a trader you need to be a little selfish with your methods that are currently working cause its been my sense that when everyone tries to preform the same style or whatever, guess what? it doesnt work anylonger. So good for some of the RO guys who are killing it right now. Maybe its better for you to just keep it going for yourself.