Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fuck Esignal

More issues today. It's 10:27 as I write this and I have no feed. I called and they said "We're having connectivity issues. We have no E.T.A. Just watch that little red monitor and hope it turns green."

I think it's time to switch to DTNIQ...

Anyway, feel free to harass them at their corporate support #... it's 510-723-7377. Option 2. Then press "0" to leave them a nice message.


Joe said...

that sucks man. If my system goes out for more than 3 seconds I start getting pissed and nervous.

StockHunter said...

Sucks, but I switched from eSignal to DTN.IQ awhile back for the same reasons. DTN has got it going on, I can't rember the last time (if any) they were down.

Tyler said...


How are their charts compared to eSignal? Or do you use another charting tool?


TraderDave said...

my Esig went out a couple times today too.

Attitude Trader said...

DTN.IQ is the best I've ever used - and I've used quite a few. Their customer service is superb. They answer the phone and it's always someone who knows what they're talking about! I've never experienced any downtime with them.

Dave Forss is who I talk to when I need help with something (

@Tyler: They have a charting package but you can use DTN with lots of other charting packages. I used it most recently with NinjaTrader and it worked perfectly.


StockHunter said...


I use VisualTrader with my DTN data feed.

TL said...

I've been using DTN for over a year. They are very stable. But my experience with their support is not that positive. The rep told me to restart my computer when the problem was connectivity obviously. All in all, I recommend give it a try.