Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The RO Report, "All Blowed Up" Edition

I lost $10,000 in SRS today. The report will be up later. I'm having trouble getting the puke out of my keyboard.

UPDATE: It's funny to take an objective look at a graph after you've given back a shitload of coin in it. You always think... "I was doing what?"

The worst thing about a blowup is that you think to yourself, "I could have taken off every day since January 1st and I'd be in a better financial situation than I find myself in here on April 21st. And psychologically? Forget about it..." But that's the game we (right now unfortunately) play. Right now it is what it is.

The way I'm looking at recent developments is with a dose of perspective. I think the word is "elasticity." I am stretching here... growing. In a year I will be a better trader. That's the way I need to look at this. Meanwhile, there was so much opportunity out there today. If you weren't trading with blinders on, you probably made some money. Of course, this compounds the horror of my day, but so be it. Moving forward.

It was a solid day for the RO. Out of 31 traders today, 20 were gross positive or 65%. 13 made over $1,000 gross and 5 lost over $1,000 gross. I was #31 of 31 or, the Chambermaid.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader A, $33,462 on 208k shares traded.

2. Trader B, $18,038 on 553k shares traded.
3. Trader N, $7,435 on 225k shares traded.
4. Trader P, $6,824 on 148k shares traded.
5. Trader F, $5,039 on 94,000 shares traded.

"Chambermaid" - Trader S, -$4,536 on 621k shares traded.

2. Trader M*, -$4,507 on 0 shares traded.
3. Trader Z, -$3,004 on 369k shares traded.
4. Trader 10*, -$2,940 on 3,300 shares traded.
5. Trader C, -$1,028 on 204k shares traded.


Anonymous said...

Hey, do this long enough this shit happens time and again. Whatever, no biggie. You WILL bounce back and its how this game is played. Your your own boss, you basically work how & when you want, you have a nice little family going, you are a horrible surfer, lol. J/K. You get the idea Styro-Saur. 5K aint so bad, one good trade and your back from extinction. Evolve, grow, adapt, overcome. When i was in Army Ranger school these were daily lessons and in the end i was a better man all around for it.

Sanglucci said...

Yeo DT what up I been on vaca man for a while missed out on today looked pretty sick... I'll b back at it tomorrow

Dinosaur Trader said...

Well, loss over $8k after commissions, but yeah, I'll come back. Right now however, I'm exhausted.

Sang, hope your vacation was good. Today was good for most of the guys in the office.


HPT said...

U should have made a video. :)

Anonymous said...

3k commissions on 621 shares traded? you are paying alot dude. Fuck that.

DeNovo said...

Anony - what planet are you from? Use your calculator. It works out to about a haypenny per share which sounds like a good arragement to me. DT - I promise to never comment on your blog again, I must have jinxed you. I thought you were going to work on the coloring book today.

Sanglucci said...

Hold up hold up back the fuck up.... DT u traded 621KKKKK SHARES today?!??!?!!??! WOWOWOW.... That must be a record for you no???? I got up to 400K max and that was one freak incident. WTF were u trading and how much size u throwin around now... In either case you're gettin to a new level buddy I'm comin wit u man let's get it in

ryan said...

I say don't evolve. Dinosaur Trader sounds much cooler than Mammalian Trader or some other stupid shit. I mean, if it weren't for that fucking meteor, Dinosaurs would still be ruling this Earth. And you can take that as fact.

Just don't devolve. I don't want to read about no fucking single celled piece of shit. I burn those fuckers everyday on my way to work*.

*Well...i don't work. But whatever.

sage08 said...

Ouch! That hurts.

Anonymous said...

DT, with your volume, shouldn't you be paying 621 or less dollars for the 621K shares you traded instead of 3k? Obviously there is a probably a good reason why you must like this deal.

Dinosaur Trader said...

First of all, a note on commissions, if you go market on the NYSE, you are paying .0025 right there. So it'd be impossible to ever pay $621 for commissions on 621k shares traded. I paid about $1500 to the NYSE alone yesterday. The rest I'll leave to you guys to figure out if you really want to. But if you're trading well, commissions aren't important... that's the main lesson about commissions in my book.