Monday, April 13, 2009

Open Letter To Somali Pirates

Dear Somali Pirates,

Fuck you, we win.



-Somali Pirates, 2009


dave said...
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Dinosaur Trader said...

I deleted your post cos you put your phone # on it... dude, that's nuts.

Email me at dinosaur trader at yahoo dot com. It's under my profile.


The Reformed Broker said...

here's my social security number:


the pirates lost...the score?

USA 3, Pirates 0

marc said...

Apr 14, 2009

Pirates hijack 3 more ships

Undeterred by recent hostage rescues that killed 7 bandits, Somali pirates brazenly seize more vessels. » More

* Wife awaits rescued sea captain
* Pics
* Pirate hunters ink TV deal

Dinosaur Trader said...


Listen, if any Somali pirates happen to be reading this, shoot me an email. My company is always hiring and we need a few traders with some solid balls.