Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where Will The Stock Market Bottom?

The results are in and 146 of you voted. Nearly 50% of you feel the market is headed to at least 6000 before we ultimately bottom.

I feel pretty good about our recent low, just around 7500. However, days like Monday make me very nervous.

Anyway, here's how you voted:

7500 16 votes or 10%.
7250 14 votes or 9%.
7000 6 votes or 4%.
6750 13 votes or 8%.
6500 17 votes or 11%.
6250 4 votes or 2%.
6000 9 votes or 13%.
sub 6000 57 votes or 39%.


ShortBus said...

I do not know whether to be surprised by the 39% voting for 6000, or that 20% of your readers are BULLS, or that fact that you have at least 146 readers !!!

Jd said...

lol ShortBus, 146 readers? DT must be multi logging again...

I'm hoping that bear market rally prediction comes true, including the drop to dow 6800 between now and december 15th. I got bids in already to buy down there since if we do drop I know I will be too consumed with day trading to switch to my longer term account...wishful thinking I'm sure but you never know.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Note: I voted 143 times.