Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The "D-Word"

Chrysler guy gets a fail for even mentioning this...

A top Chrysler executive warned Wednesday that a carmaker collapse could send the economy spiraling into a depression, while the United Auto Workers agreed to new concessions for their companies. Jim Press, Chrysler's vice chairman, said the U.S. automakers were "down to months left," as industry officials ratcheted up a fierce lobbying push to persuade Congress to approve as much as $34 billion in emergency aid. "We're on the brink with the U.S. auto manufacturing industry," Press told The Associated Press in an interview. "If we have a catastrophic failure of one of these car companies, in this tender environment for the economy, it's a huge blow. It could trigger a depression.
Meanwhile, Ken Lewis of BAC said he sees a "ray of sunshine" shining on the economy 6 months out.

I ask you this... is it obvious who already drank from the bailout bucket and who hasn't?

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