Thursday, November 6, 2008

Palin Didn't Know Africa Was A Continent... No Shit!

I know I said no more political posts for awhile, but this is just too good.

Let's just forget for a moment that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent. I mean, sweet Jesus... but what I love about this piece is that even after this guy basically lays out that she's an ignorant idiot, he says, "Still, she's fired up the base and many are looking for her in 2012."

Perhaps by then she'll get that 3rd grade education that we require from our VPs.

NOTE: Trader Z pointed out that the reporter uses the "word" "knowledgeablity" not once, but twice. Fox News makes up facts, and sometimes, they make up words. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Palin is a nut. She wont be back.

GodLess said...

Come On Now...anyone that makes city council member,then mayor, then govenor is obviously intelligent. I dont like Obama but I dont think he is an idiot because he said we have 57 states. Biden has made many foriegn policy mistakes like voting for the Iraq invasion and then opposing the surge...and I still dont think he is an idiot just because he described the word "jobs" as being a 3 letter word. All of these people have to be very intelligent to have gotten where they are and anyone who calls them idiots is letting their partisanship get in the way of logic

Dinosaur Trader said...


She may be intelligent IN A WAY, but when you're trying to be VP, and a heartbeat away from being leader of the free world, you better know simple things like geography.

It'd also be helpful to know a little fact like the president of France doesn't speak much English, so that you don't fall prey to prank callers...