Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Melamine In Baby Formula

BUMP: More is coming to light about the awful situation in China. So again, FDA, why allow ANY melamine in baby formula? This shit isn't supposed to happen here.

How about 0 parts?

I don't know a thing about baby formula or melamine (other than it kills babies or makes them sick if they get too much) but why is it acceptable to have any in baby formula?

Probably another case of industry lobbying for loose standards. But should profitability stand above the health of babies?

Anyway, here's the article about the FDA setting limits... kind of.

They're not worthy of your trust. Eat healthy and breastfeed.


evdotrader said...

Hi Dinosaur trader . regarding R O report ,does 100k shares mean 50k shares round (in and out)trades?I mean if i open and close 1000 shares position ,does that mean 2k share traded or 1k?
also what is the average price of these shares and what trading capital they have ? thanks

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yes, 1000 in and 1000 out would count for "2000 shares traded."

Traders in the RO trade stocks from $1 to $3500 (brk.b).

Capital varies from trader to trader depending on how much money they have in the company. Most of the big traders in the RO have well north of 2 mil in buying power.