Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Which ROer Do You Want To See Post To The Blog?

Just to fuck with my officemates, I've decided to apply a little pressure, Internet-style to get one of them to do a blog post.

So I'm starting a new poll... if you could read a guest post from one of these manly men, which would it be? Now, I'm limited in how many choices I can give, so I'll start with the ones who show up most often on the RO report. So, if you're dying to know more about Trader L, for example, you'll have to write him in...

You can vote for more than one trader... the poll is open for a week.

Go vote... this could start a good war.

NOTE: I offer no guarantees that I can actually get an RO to post. And even if I did succeed, the post would most likely be about Dirty Yeltsins or Sneaky Castros. In short, it's quite possible that the post would be unrelated to the stock market as most of the RO inhabitants are disturbed in significant ways.


Gio said...

Go pierre!

ShortBus said...

The most interesting to hear from would be Trader H who lost 88k last month using the numbers I had gathered from the posts. But H is not in the poll.

Here are the links to the SEPT results. http://tinyurl.com/3lgfvj

and the OCT results so far

I chose Trader H, otherwise Trader Z in the poll.

John Smith said...

trader b

Rob said...

trader b or c