Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The RO Report, "Awesome Giveback" Edition

Early on, the RO was banking coin, making jokes, and having lots of fun. Between 2:45 and 3:40 however, we took massive pain and gave back a good portion of the day's gains.

Fights broke out, friendships were ruined, and a new trader, we'll call him "Trader 8" was sacrificed in a ritualistic killing involving a sexual act known as the "Angry George."

Don't even bother looking it up in the Urban Dictionary...

Anyway, it was a bruising experience. Many of us had nice gains on the day and gave them all away.

"Trader D" avoided the carnage by staying independent, and going against what the conventional wisdom of the office dictated... that we were going to bleed into the close. He sprayed, and now I have to post his bullshit music.

After the last two days, I'm shot. So let's just get to the numbers...

Out of 27 traders today, 12 finished gross positive, or 44%. While the top 8 traders all made over $2,000 gross, the bottom 8 lost over $2,000 gross, so it was a mess. I gave back nearly all my gains on the day and finished #10 in the office.

Given my stupidity, I'll take it.

"Trader D" kept the office in the green, so the Bosses get top billing.

Here are today's Bosses:

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader D, $37,754 on 497k shares traded.

2. Trader F, $19,478 on 182k shares traded.
3. Trader I, $5,747 on 102k shares traded.
4. Trader B, $4,653 on 778k shares traded.
5. Trader G, $4,515 on 50,700 shares traded.

And the Manservants:

"Chambermaid," - Trader C, -$14,343 on 216k shares traded.

2. Trader E, -$11,375 on 124k shares traded.
3. Trader N, -$4,022 on 34,700 shares traded.
4. Trader H, -$3,902 on 1,400 shares traded.
5. Trader V, -$3,165 on 68,534 shares traded.


John Smith said...


I'm a big fun of trader B. What did he trade today? Just name one or two stocks, very curious.



Dinosaur Trader said...


Hey, thanks for reading. While I didn't hear much from Trader B today, I can assure you that he was definitely in and out of SPY.

Get all your friends to vote for him in the poll and maybe I can pressure him to write a post.