Thursday, October 16, 2008

These People Are Scary

Palin seems to have really brought the worst out of the Republican party. It's too bad, because McCain has had a great career. Sad to see it end on this note. I don't think a few years ago he would have hoped for "supporters" like this.


5holeSAVE said...

Holy fuck euthanize these ignorant fucking hayseed cocksuckers NOW. Where the fuck do they get their ideas? I can't understand what's happening to america - their kids are too stupid to even finish high school. Washington would be stabbing himself in the eyes if he were alive and saw that.

YoungChuck said...

Have to agree with the above statement of 5hole. That was sickening.

GodLess said...

The comments were obviously from fringe one with an open mind believes that McCain or Palin believe this stuff. Did anyone notice who was behind this "news" report? It was Al Jazeera! The terrorist news network from the middle east. I find it interesting that Al Jazeera is out to help Obama get elected! Great, Obama now has the endorsement of Hamas and has Al Jazeera doing slanted reports trying to get him elected. 10 out of 10 terroritst agree..Obama for President!!!!

jsp9999 said...

Al Jazeera may not be the best representation of world view. See the reporter asked very specific religious questions to non-educated Christians. How "fair and balanced!" Sort of like Fox News cornering their interviewees.

There are always people who feel they would rather get fucked by one of their own than get helped by an outsider. Palin as a Christian conservative white woman can connect with a broad base even though she doesn't have any knowledge or curiosity whatsoever, let alone qualification. That is her political gift.

Obama said right about these people "clining guns and bible" as the last resort and he said it's not a bad thing. NY Times article.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Dude, Al Jazeera is an Arab news station... they broadcast the Bin Laden tapes but that hardly means they support terrorism you idiot.

CNN and FOX aired them too.

They got these people from a Palin rally, so in a way, you're right, fringe elements.


jsp9999 said...

Here is your "fringe" link of Sen. Obama and terrorists.

Obama -- Entire Democrats -- Entire liberal media -- Entire liberal judges -- Entire liberal academia -- Warren Buffet -- All Berkshire shareholders -- Bill Gates -- All Microsoft Users -- All Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, basically non European region -- And of course the "real" terrorists

You must be tired of connecting all the dots.

Complacent Panda said...

There are many people who truly believe what these people are saying. It is not just from "fringe elements;" these are common views among certain groups of Christian Americans. I've seen and I've heard it. Some of these people do not believe in mental illness, others do not believe that certain people are born with a very strong inclination towards the same sex. Others actually believe that the reason for natural disasters and economic/political disasters are punishment from God. Not to mention, the whole black people are naturally "second string." My dad believes most all of that. My grandparents some. My uncle is a pastor and agrees with most of it. It's sickening.

achumpschange said...

Obama = socialist, no matter how much he claims he is "free market"

Dinosaur Trader said...


C'mon, we've had "free market" right wing for 8 years and we now have a nationalized banking system and insurance system.

Obama is not a socialist. I think it'll be best in a year when he's president and people can stop with all the fear they're throwing his way.


achumpschange said...

his voting record says otherwise, but hey he preaches "change" so lets the give the man the keys to the castle

Complacent Panda said...

People are not clear when they advocate free market principles. What the hell do you mean? I can't figure it out. You want the government to stay out of the marketplace? Out of all its aspects?

For instance, what about citizenship? If the government were to stay out of the marketplace, then anyone could work for any company anywhere in the world. People could fly over here and compete for your job. Wages would drop. You're not competing with 300million other people anymore.

What about education? Perhaps your parents had enough money to send you to college so that you could have some success in the world. Mine, despite my good grades, were not able to bankroll me (my mom made little money; my dad was impulsive and did not save money) and did not especially encourage continuing my schooling. Should I have to submit to my parents' whims? I thank the government for the chance to get schooling (K through college) and for the chance to go onto college without having to suck some asshole's dick. The market doesn't care if you have a fucking 4.5gpa. Yeah, there are scholarships, but I can guarantee I would have struggled to have my parents pay for decent schooling from first grade on. I'm thankful it was compulsory.

Maybe someone could explain why the free market is such a brilliant idea. I would love to grasp the ideology that would have made my life so much better.

Stewie said...

DT. i give you the permission to shoot me in the head if i ever turn into one of these ignorant, racist, and lowest of class scumbags. They have no individuality, they follow each other around like sheep. sucks to be them!! truly sad.