Thursday, October 16, 2008

I wanna be a motherfucking boss dammit!

Hey bro - it is your older (yet in a cruel twist of fate, much younger looking) sister just stopping by to say hello. I know that some of your past posts have addressed the trauma and the stress that you feel as a day trader, banging away at your keyboard, cursing incessantly at your 42 computer screens, while you try to be in your own words, "a motherfucking boss."

I hear you. In fact, after watching the interest rates on my credit cards soar after being one day late with a payment; after watching the gas and oil prices climb to near ridiculous prices; and while trying to figure out why a household with two adults making what I previously thought was a decent amount of money is often living paycheck to paycheck - I had an epiphany: I want to be a motherfucking boss too!

Imagine the possibilities.... "Eat your broccoli."
"Because I'm a motherfucking boss, that's why!"

"I'm not coming in today. Or tomorrow. Or next month."
"Because I'm a motherfucking boss, that's why!"

The best reason of all to be the motherfucking boss? Control of the jukebox!


Dinosaur Trader said...

You guys realize that all this bad music is like "bad debt," and that in time, it will take down this fine blog.

I'm just saying, WIll Smith? Be careful...


Dinosister said...

Will Smith is the man, lol-
Next time I'll post some Duran Duran for you instead, if that makes you feel better. Or REO Speedwagon, LMAO

Ray Pellecchia said...

"...your older (yet in a cruel twist of fate, much younger looking) sister..."

Ouch! Way to be, DinoSis. Keep that DinoBro's ego in line.

Relieved that I have only brothers.

Dinosister said...

well, when your brother alternates between Henny Penny and Motherfucking boss status - somebody has to try and keep him in line, :-p

And DT and Trader D:
Neither assfish, fishass or manass are funny. Yambag- now that is a funny word. Try it out.

Dinosaur Trader said...


It's my particular strength that I can be both Henny Penny and a Motherfucking Boss at the same time.

It's unique.


Dinosister said...

you are indeed unique. It is what makes you loveable (cause it certainly ain't the looks, LOL)
love your non-unique sis