Monday, July 14, 2008

When Did Everyone Get So Lame?

The humor here is obvious... and everyone is all up in arms about it? Chill Barack.



Bluedog said...

The sad thing is there are probably a lot of Americans who would not pick up on the satire. The same people who continue to push the Muslim non-issue.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Totally... I heard the editor of the NYer on NPR tonight explaining the satire... we're in a sad state here...


S. said...

Oh, I get the satire. Doesn't change the fact that it ain't funny, and is still in shockingly poor taste (especially for a high-quality magazine like the New Yorker).

I actually don't think there's any danger of people 'misunderstanding' the cover - the people who would fall for the myths and lies on the web about Obama aren't reading the New Yorker (if they can read at all).

But there's good satire, and there's lazy satire, and that cover belongs firmly in the latter.