Monday, July 14, 2008

The RO Report

I gave up a lot when I tossed the VO onto the Internet trash heap. Lots of traffic, apparently lots of commenters... but you know what I gained?

My soul.

True story.

Anyway, whenever I have access to the data and the time, I'll do an RO report. This could happen nightly. Thing is, I started the VO because I didn't have an office to compare myself to... and now I do. So here you have it, the first RO report. Each report will be tagged under "proprietary trading." All numbers are gross.

Out of 29 traders today, 15 were positive, or 52%. The top 3 traders made the following:

1. $31,133
2. $11,864
3. $1454

The bottom 3 looked like this...

1. -$1471
2. -$1394
3. -$1075

I was 14 of 29 today, or, in other words, barely positive.

It's possible that in time I will be able to at least associate nicknames with these traders so that it's easier to follow along... we will see.


Denarii said...

what the hell is this getting back your soul crap?? That is quite an insult to this former VO member. Comments like that - I am going to start to think MT might had been right.

You don't even make it fun to type "Drill here, Drill now, lower prices" here anymore.

wincity said...

I like the RO report. Putting an id to each number could be better so we know if the same guy made the big bucks or if the guy made it one day and gave it back another.

Do they know you're posting the numbers here?

Stewie said...

yea. work your creativity with the RO results but i am with wincity. would be fun to track it. peace!

HPT said...

Leave Comment here.....

24hgold said...
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Bluedog said...

RO, VO... I like it. :D

wincity said...

Sucks to have a stupid neighbour. At my old house, a stupid guy sued me when he fell from the ladder, after allegedly having several beers. You don't have to be violent to get back at stupid people.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Top guy today made $50 grand... next guy was up like, $5 grand.

I'm not going to write a whole post though, because I'm onto some other, life affirming shit.