Monday, June 16, 2008

Virtual Office, -$435. Dow, -38.27, 12,269.08.

Denarii, -$1 on 3400 shares traded.
Me, -$89 on 4000 shares traded.
OBAT, -$121 on 4800 shares traded.
Tokyo, -$224 on 3124 shares traded.

Wow. Everyone lost money. The volume was light and my main office also pretty much sucked, I guess it just wasn't a day to trade.

Half of the traders in my RO (real office) made money, and half did not. The range was $3296 to -$1156. I was number 13 of 22 today.

Perhaps everyone is waiting on the earnings news from GS tomorrow. Who knows, but the script that has been leading the market for the last few months remained intact... long coal, long ag, long oil and natty gas.

The HCPG guys took this week off. Perhaps they're onto something there... I'll be taking it easy until trades begin to show themselves again.


Ragin' Cajun said...

Damn DT, I was pulling for you today. You have been on a run.

When will you ditch this spot and join forces with iBC?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Whenever "the Fly" coughs up a few million for my blog.

Yeah, I have been on a run, but nothing like what you've had going on. Just watched your vid, nice work.

Hopefully I'll start a new run tomorrow. I just had one bad trade today that screwed up my day... too bad, but it happens.