Monday, June 16, 2008

Barack Obama's Father's Day Speech

Happy Monday. I'm dusting off the cobwebs. I was busy all day yesterday drinking and philandering.

Great speech by the way. Please check it out.

NOTE: The VO will be up around 5pm.


S. said...

I'll be blogging about this at some point - but I could never figure out why the Clinton-Obama debate went on for so long. I look at it this way: Who would you want to work for? Who would you rather have as your boss, Hilary Clinton or Obama?

Can you imagine what working for Clinto would be like? The political grandstanding, the back-stabbing, the blame-shifting, the credit-taking, the shirking of responsibility. People would be actively stabbing each other in the back. Mass disorganization, lack of agenda, mis-placed priorities.

Now imagine the Obama workplace. Clearly defined goals. People work together,because when Obama says he depends on his staff, you can tell he really believes it. He would take the blame when needed,and pass out the credit when possible. I would love working for someone like Obama.

Obama's not without his faults, of course - but i get the idea he'd learn from his mistakes; Clinton obviously hasn't.

One candidate's campaign was a picture of organization and focus. The other was mass chaos. If a candidate can't even run an election campaign that well, how the hell are they going to rule the entire country?!?

JakeGint said...

If you eff up with the Obamessiah, you end up against the wall, comrade.

Only YOU can bring about change!


Good to see he's bringing up this important stuff now, I'm just wondering where he's been all his career on it.

TraderCaddy said...

When Bill Cosby spoke about many of these same issues over the last few years he was harassed by the left, the race pimps like Al Sharpton, and much of the media (like the NY times), etc. Will they scold Obama? We know the answer.