Friday, June 27, 2008

Russell Rebalancing, June 27th, 2008 (Final Bump)

The past couple of years, the Rebalancing of the Russell 3000 has been a big event for traders. It is a day of huge, exaggerated MOCs and wild moves in otherwise quiet stocks.

In other words, it can make or break you.

So, to get out ahead of the game, I've found the important dates to follow this year.

I'll "bump" this post as we get closer to the dates. I just wanted you to know, loyal Internet readers, that I'm on top of this shit.

So, here are the dates to watch:

June 13th: Preliminary additions and deletions to the Russell Global Index and the Russell 3000 published.

June 20 and 27: Updates to the list of additions and deletions.

June 27: Reconstitution final after the close of the US markets.

Here is a link to the Russell website,"Reconstitution Central."

UPDATE: Here's the list.


kyel said...

Stay on top of this. Just don't recommend stupid shit like ARWR, like some other 1st Tier Blogs. (I lost a few pennies with that tip)

Dinosaur Trader said...

ARWR... I like to bug "the Fly" about that one, and WGAT.


Bluedog said...

Good info. Thx!