Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Old, Some New

Man, I think I just did something pretty damn dumb... we live in a place that is literally crawling with deer and full of trees. In an attempt to make a "leaf enclosure" where I could just rake my leaves so they don't blow around, I may have just made the world's best deer trap. I put it right in the path they walk in each night, unknowingly, until right at dusk when it was too late to take the damn thing down. The worst part is that I only finished 3 of 4 sides, so they can walk in and then get really confused...

I wouldn't be surprised if I wake at 5 in the morning to a deer tangled in a mass of meshy fence.

Nightmare developing...

Anyway, let me quickly describe my trades today. First of all, today is a good example of how I envision my days to be going forward. I had a decent mix of "crazy ole DT" trades and the new, rules based, sniper like, "HCPG DT."

First, the "crazy ole DT trade."

Shorting BG... I know, I know...

Aha, but this time it worked!

I just can't pass this shit up, so I'm not going to... I'm just going to learn how to trade these moves better. I know I can if I size into the position correctly.

But the whole day can't be that kind of crazy shit. That's why I like the High Chart Patterns stuff. It gives you trades to look at that have entries and exits, two things I used to scoff at when I was a younger, stupider man (5 weeks ago).

Here's one I took today. Now, I screwed up the trade and didn't trade at all how they suggest you to make these trades, but I'm working at this shit still.

Anyway, I missed huge sector moves in the ag names and coal stocks. But the good news is that despite not having any huge winners, I had 6 winners over $100 each and only 1 loser over $100. It's much easier to make any money in the market if you can control losers, that's for sure.

Here's the stats:

P&L, $520
Best, BG, $199
Worst, EOG, -$143

10,600 shares traded.
11 stocks traded, 6 winners, 5 losers.

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