Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Bad Day

I'm having a shitty day... a real shitty day. Most of my losses are in the two stocks below.

Since I don't plan on risking much more today, my $1200 loss will probably just have to stick, like shit, to my trading account. $900 of that loss is detailed below.

Very hard day to take since I've been on a real roll. I need to get better at listening to myself when the trading day appears to be crap. I had a string of losses right off the bat, nothing was working, and I should have lightened my size and taken fewer trades.

Hope your day is going better, bitchface.

NOTE: Meanwhile, on days like these, it's good to regain perspective. Here's a good list of "psychology rules" to live by when trading.

It also helps to laugh... go check out the Wall Street Fighter picture and caption today. Classic.

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TraderCaddy said...

Good psychology rules. I keep a pillow in my office and when I think I'm about to go on a revenge trading spree I pull my pillow out of the closet and take a nap. Since I'm usually up about 4:30 AM I have no problem with a little siesta.