Monday, February 4, 2008

Timothy Sykes, "Blingmaster", Newest Member Of The VO

His story is now well known.

He was on Wall Street Warriors, he wrote a book, he was on CNBC, he sometimes drinks and curses a lot, and most recently, he was interviewed by the beautiful Julia from Wallstrip... but there was something nagging Tim Sykes.

He had not yet conquered Dinosaur Trader's Virtual Office.

So with that said, he immediately becomes the second most famous person in the VO (after me of course, and just ahead of Misstrade).

He told me his specific goal in joining the VO is to take down resident tough guy, Sanglucci. He said, "I'm going to ruin that fucker. I'm the 'blingmaster' around here."

No word yet from Sanglucci.

Anyway, sure, he's controversial, but when has the VO ever backed away from a little controversy? Go say hi to our newest member!


KC Equity Trader said...


Is this a joke? Is this a Rajin Cajin prank on good old DT? I thought that he "retired" from day trading to swing trade or am I just grossly misinformed.

If this is true, I just might have to join the VO so you can kick out those future traders.

Dinosaur Trader said...

No joke. Mr. Sykes will be reporting a few times a week, or whenever he trades.

He says he won't be daytrading everyday, but us daytraders know that it's a hard habit to kick.


Pete said...

VO might have just jumped the shark

HPT said...

why do stock traders hate futures traders so much?

I like Tim's style,
he's straight up and no BS.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I don't like the guy, seems gay... however, he begged me to join the VO, so I took pity on him.