Monday, February 4, 2008

A Collection Of Famous Political Ads

In celebration of Super Tuesday I figured it would be fun to compile some of the more memorable political ads. If I've left a good one out (I'm sure I have) be sure to let me know via the comment section. But seriously, if you're going to be all critical, maybe you should start your own goddamn blog...

Anyway, however tomorrow turns out, I'm looking forward to the outcome. Hopefully we can start moving in a positive direction again as a country.

With that said, enjoy these (mostly) negative ads.

I Like Ike (1952)

JFK "Smear" Ad (pretty tame by today's standards) (1960)

Daisy Girl (1964)

What Has Richard Nixon Done For You? (1968)

Nixon Ad (1968)

Reagan, Morning In America (1984)

The Willie Horton Ad (1988)

The Swift Boat Ad (2004)

Bush On The Ranch (2004)

Kerry Windsurfing (2004)

The Michael J. Fox Stem Cell Research Ad (2006)

The Harold Ford Smear Ad (2006)

The Swift Kids Ad (2007)

The Choice Is Clear ("support the Iraq war or else") (2007)

Vote Different (2007)

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