Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Morning Link-Love


bloggerdotcom said...

Dude they are always cutting Hillary off and protecting Obama. Something is not right about that.

Maybe the media is getting back at Bill or the Clinton family with this angle somehow.

I for one am getting a bad feeling about Barack. He never really says anything, and all the voters are going on is his message of hope. The slickness of his words is testimony to that.

But where's the beef?

Hope and reality are two very different things; maybe I'm thinking too pragmatically.

Pete said...

saw a show on discovery/tlc/ae - one of those on channels - on building of this thing awhile ago. gonna make anti-matter and blow up europe by accident

Dinosaur Trader said...

Well, if they're going to blow up Europe, start with Luxembourg.

Because FUCK Luxembourg.

Meanwhile, BDC, your weekend blogging here is dependent on you supporting my political views.

Get in line.