Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Backing Up Your Blog

Man, I was checking on Ainkurn earlier and I found out that Akalawoo's blog was hacked and all of his information was lost.


So listen, here's an easy free program you can use to back up your blog.

If you don't like that one, there are other options here.


Rob said...

when i get mad at trading or life i sing the mentos jingle to myself.

wincity said...

This is why you don't want a Democrat
president. All the "stimulating" money comes from your pocket and goes straight to the oilmen.

Senate Democrats weigh new economic stimulus -

ainkurn said...

DT I put a link up in the comments of my post this morning on ways to backup your blog, but looks like you beat me to it. everyone should backup their blog at least once a month

ainkurn said...

BTW... I just looked at the first program that you linked and I don't think that will work for a blog. Blogs are stored in a database and I think that program only downloads HTTP info. Also, backing up the information isn't enough, you have to be able to re-import the information into blogger, which that program doesn't do either.