Monday, January 7, 2008

Up And Running

Okay, well, I still don't have my account completely set up but I'll be trading in an "office account" this afternoon. These will be my first live trades since the middle of December.

I'm pretty excited about getting started again. 3 weeks has been the longest I've ever been away from the market since I started trading full-time, almost 9 years ago.

Perhaps because of the break, I'm feeling very optimistic about starting again.

In the trading room today a few guys made huge money (trading my type of style) and that always gives me hope.

Of course I'm going to start small. Hopefully, by next week I'll have confidence in the systems and my keystrokes and will be trading with my normal size again.

Also, I fixed my Esignal problem. If you read the comment section from the previous thread, I had some other software installed on my computer that was conflicting with esiggy. Normally, I complain about Esignal however today the customer service person worked patiently with me until we solved the problem. Of course, it's unfortunate that is the exception with Esignal customer service, but right now I'll take what I can get.


StockHunter said...

Still, F e-signal, it sux...

Best of luck DT! don't try to be a T-Rex at first, a Velociraptor is quite OK for a start...

Dinosaur Trader said...

That's what I'm thinking about... quick and smart.



tapeworm said...

u came back on an interesting day for sure!

good luck DT

Anonymous said...

What is your style, how do you define it?

Dinosaur Trader said...


I don't know... that sounds like a serious question.

My style is masterful and I define it with words sometimes.